LATI published Sustainability Report 2021

July 28, 2022

LATI published Sustainability Report 2021

LATI's Sustainability Report 2021 is very rich in new information. Two hundred pages recount and, where applicable, measure LATI's innovations, changes and goals in Sustainability. The themes reported in the Report cover the classic three "P's" of Sustainability: People, Planet, and Profit.

People: during 2021, the accident rate was lowered by more than two percentage points from 4.53 to 2.84, this is due to the attention that the HSE and HR departments pay to LATI employees on prevention and safety training. For the latter topic, LATI provided 6915 total hours of training, of which: Sustainability 308, Compliance 118, Cross Training 834, Languages 1258.5, Managerial 274, Quality 142, Health and Safety 1922 Technical (TECH + DATA SCIENCE + IT) 1209, Other (DIGITAL MINDSET) 849.5. Per capita training is 28.6 hours.

In addition to training, LATI has made efforts toward the welfare of its people, confirming the agile work solution for its employees and continuing to promote its many welfare initiatives.

Planet: the numbers speak for themselves! By purchasing 100% certified green energy, LATI has reduced scope 1 and 2 emissions by 61.17%, pursuing three years in advance the set goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2025 (reference year 2020). During 2021 on the roofs of the new preparation and mixing department and on the roof of recharging forklift trucks, the new photovoltaic system was activated, which allows the renewable energy produced to be fed directly into the consumption lines of the production departments, avoiding a production of about -30 tons of CO2 emitted from the purchase from the grid with national energy mix. Increasingly important is the monitoring and control of consumption that allows constant verification of the performance of the machines used, this contributes to a system analysis aimed at a functional energy efficiency for a sustainable energy transition also economically. LATI in 2021 began a series of investments that will lead it to have a system in the future that is increasingly digitized.

With a view to product sustainability, the new LATIECO family was created in 2021, which includes products containing raw materials that are totally or partially obtained from mechanical or chemical recycling. The products that have been formulated and codified include 13 LATIECOs, consisting of different material categories (self-extinguishing, 3D printing, colored versions), different base polymers (PA6, PA 66, PP, PC) and self-extinguishing versions on chemically recycled PA6 base.

Profit: 2021 was marked by a considerable increase in product sales volumes. The success evidenced by the numbers stems from the strategic decisions with which the company was able to react to the many systemic difficulties. As a result, LATI generated an increase in the value of its production in part through improved product mix, selection of allocations from a logistical perspective, and generally increased production capacity. From resilience and the ability to innovate comes LATI's financial sustainability its reliability and trust for its target market and customers. Thanks in part to EcoVadis, LATI has obtained ESG linked green financing.

Future. Over the years, LATI has been committed to generating value through major investments, its commitment to reducing impacts on the environment, and the creation of well-being for people, the community, and the territory. This way of doing business stems from LATI's orientation to integrate sustainability into its business strategies and processes.

All company investments are focused on sustainability, both product and process. LATI, in fact, is planning a redevelopment of its sites (buildings and processes), with a view to both environmental protection and energy savings, but also by designing facilities, areas and environments that are increasingly people-friendly, in line with people's daily work needs and respecting the requirements of an increasingly flexible and digital organizational model.

Sustainability is not just a "fashion trend" for LATI, but is inherent in its DNA by its history, products, attitudes and future desires; thus, it is a natural evolution of this enterprise to transition to a "Società Benefit” (Benefit Corporation) planned for this year. In fact, from next year, corporate governance will move even more decisively in the direction of sustainability by committing to the achievement of common benefit goals.

To conclude, the Sustainability Report 2021 was subject to Limited Assurance.
To learn more about LATI's sustainability and to download the Sustainability Report 2021, please visit this page.

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