Modular spiral staircase made of engineering plastics

Jan. 22, 2015

Modular spiral staircase made of engineering plastics

Fontanot is an Italian leading company in the field of open staircases, which are meant to become an integral part of home furnishings.

Conceived so as to combine reliability and design with easy assembly, Fontanot stairs are available in kits that can be easily assembled even by the end user without requiring any special tools or expertise.

Fauciglietti Engineering is instead an engineering firm that deals with applied research, industrial design, and product development in all its phases, from material selection to production startup.

A modular outdoor and indoor spiral staircase, entirely made of technopolymers, robust and conceptually modern: this is the product introduced in the market by Fontanot thanks to the expertise of its R&D center in the field of plastics, and to the collaboration with Fauciglietti Engineering and LATI.

We are talking about the Techne staircase, included in the 2008 edition of the ADI design index, and protected by an international patent.
This staircase, which is available in 120, 140, and 160 cm diameters, is made of independent steps easily connected to each other in the bearing hub, and is equipped with different railings. Colors available are: green, red, and white. However, the development of the steps required intense planning, calculation, and selection of materials, in which LATI took part with its own Technical Assistance and Co-design structure.

In fact, in order to comply with the strict sector regulations, it was necessary to fine-tune the tread and hub design by introducing not only duly positioned and dimensioned reinforcing ribs, but also different materials contributing with their own features to the best synergy between stiffness, robustness, and weight.

Once the project was defined, the molding process was then optimized based on a large geometry, and LATI contributed to this activity with its great experience in the field of conversion.

The step resulting from this combination of skills consists of a superstructural core made of PA66 stiffened by a high content of special glass fibers (hub and ribs area), and a highly reinforced, dimensionally stable PP overmolded tread resistant to UV and weathering.

Due to its excellent mechanical resistance and lightness as well as its aesthetically very pleasing appearance despite the high reinforcing fiber content, the modular element of the Techne staircase lends itself to indoor and outdoor applications in both domestic and industrial environment.
Details of this application are also available on the website of Fontanot:, where you can see the staircases in their different configurations.

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