New LATILUB self-lubricating materials

Aug. 2, 2022

New LATILUB self-lubricating materials

There has been no letup in LATI’s development of new special compounds and this has allowed the company to expand its product range with numerous innovative formulations.  

In particular, the LATILUB family of self-lubricating compounds has been enriched by the addition of new solutions designed to leave a lower environmental footprint compared with traditional ones. Efforts have focused on the replacement of PTFE, a polymer that has exceptional tribological properties, but is not suitable for halogen-free applications and presents end-of-life disposal problems. The company has developed a full range of alternatives based on UHMWPE, an engineering polyolefin boasting a low friction coefficient and good wear resistance. The thermal characteristics of this additive allow it to be used in many thermoplastic matrices (e.g., PA6, 66 and 12), in polyester, in various amorphous resins, and also in high-melting polymers such as PPS. Added to its superior excellent friction, abrasion and wear resistance compared to PTFE, the nature of the polymer is such that it is completely risk free in terms of moulding equipment corrosion, and also presents no risk to human health or the environment.

The elimination of PTFE, silicone and carbon-based additives is also the founding principle of another new development, in this case aimed not only at cutting halogen content but also at limiting the risks associated with particulate formation and hazardous migrations which may threaten the smooth running of electrical machines. The new formulas, identified by the extension LU2, are based on innovative mixtures of metal sulfides, whose ceramic structure reduces friction and wear without compromising, over time, either the safety or the reliability of the devices in which they are used. Finally, attention must also be drawn to the range of self-lubricating compounds designed for 3D FDM printing. LATI3Dlab, the company’s R&D unit that focuses on this particular industrial sector, has developed a number of materials that can be used in the extrusion of filaments for special applications. These include, in particular, PTFE- and aramid fiber-filled products based on PLA, ABS, PA, PC and PETG. The compounds developed by LATI 3Dlab are designed for use in the manufacture of functional items and are therefore ideal for use in cutting-edge industrial production settings.

These and other new products are now available on the market and can be ordered through the website or by contacting LATI technicians.


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