PPS flow meters for liquid foods

July 11, 2016

PPS flow meters for liquid foods

LATI is paying close attention to the development of areas related to the food industry, from vending to coffee machines, from the transport of drinking water to food processing.
In order to be present in these markets, many LATI engineering compounds have been certified according to the regulations governing contact with drinking water and food.

DIGMESA, a Swiss leading company in the field of flow sensors, chose LARTON G 40 NAT:0169F1 for the manufacture of the housing and nozzles of a high precision meter meant for large household appliances.
Application requirements are among the most critical, because the material requires not only mechanical properties supporting 20 bar of measured fluids, but also resistance to high temperature, which in this case is between -10° and +100°C. Chemical resistance of base resin is also necessary to safely manage any type of liquid food without the risk of unwanted transfer, pollution or corrosion of the device.

Utmost compliance with dimensional tolerances of each part and coupling is also critical for precision instruments to ensure not only proper machine functioning, but also the absence of leaks and pressure losses.
In these cases, the use of a reinforced structural compound may present uncertainty due to differential shrinkages.

Usually, PPS-based compounds provide the best compromise between mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Hence, LARTON G/40 NAT:0169F1, a branched PPS with 40% glass fiber reinforcement, is the best solution for the project requirements.
This proposal is completed by the NSF51 certification for food contact. LATI’s range of compounds approved for contact with food and water includes not only the PPS described above, but also structural grades based on PP, PA, and PPA. LATI engineers are at disposal for any further information.

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