Safety and precision with LATIOHM

March 23, 2016

Safety and precision with LATIOHM

Svantek, a leading company in the production of noise and vibration meters, has decided to successfully adopt LATIOHM electrically conductive compounds for the manufacture of the case of its new professional SV 104 IS dosimeter.

The reliability of a measuring instrument is linked to the precision with which the signal is collected and managed, so it is essential to avoid the undesirable effects of any external interference due, for example, to the accumulation of electrostatic charges.
For this reason, Svantek has chosen LATIOHM 66-07 PD08 G/30 for the development of a robust, dimensionally stable, and antistatic case.

Thanks to its special formulation, the selected LATIOHM also provides excellent impact resistance, which is always a desirable feature in an industrial environment, the ability to meet tight dimensional tolerances as provided by the most stringent safety and insulation criteria, and resistance to atmospheric agents, especially UV rays.

The interesting performance behavior of this LATI compound helps to ensure the SV 104 acoustic dosimeter meets, in just 117 grams, ATEX directives and IP65 protection degree for safety in explosives environments.
The stabilization and pigmentation of the material also allow the polymer to keep its properties even after intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation as provided by the UL 746C standard, thus extending over time the safe use of the Svantek device in particularly aggressive environments.

LATIOHM 66-07 PD08 G/30 compound d is made from 30% glass fiber reinforced PA66 with the addition to this matrix of carbon fibers and other additives to obtain an electrically conductive material.
Simple to mold even on ordinary equipment thanks to its well manageable shrinkage, LATIOHM 66-07 PD08 G/30 is also an excellent choice for the price/performance ratio. LATI’s engineers are at disposal for any further information about LATIOHM range.

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