Self-extinguishing materials now even 50% recyclable!

June 7, 2016

Self-extinguishing materials now even 50% recyclable!

Reducing the impact on the environment and human health: a fundamental cross-cutting theme for products and processes of the entire industrial world.
LATI is traditionally attentive to conduct its activities and propose materials in full compliance with the most stringent safety rules in the conversion, use and disposal of compounds placed on the market.

This is proved, for example, by the RoHS and Reach compliance of every grade belonging to the company’s product portfolio, the ISO 14000 certification, and the development of the LATIGEA sustainable product range.
The development of HF1, a family of halogen, red phosphorus, and antimony free self-extinguishing materials is also included in this context.
Recycling of already processed materials is naturally placed in the context of reduction in raw material consumption and complex production waste management.

Driven by these facts and particularly attentive customers, LATI wanted to get the approval by UL, an internationally recognized certification body, for the recovery of up to 50% by weight of production waste from one of the most important self-extinguishing grades of its range, LATAMID 66 H2 G/25-V0CT1.
UL officially allows the recovery of 25% by weight of already converted material.
Now, with this new approval, it will be possible to increase the amount of recoverable product, thus not only reducing the environmental impact associated with the production of plastic waste, but also obtaining a significant reduction in the cost of the finished product.
LATAMID 66 H2 G/25-V0CT1 is a flame retardant compound based on 25% glass fiber reinforced PA66 in which flame resistance and excellent GWFI and GWIT values are obtained with heat stabilized halogenated systems.

It is the CT1 formula that also allows subsequent molding operations without incurring significant degradation and deterioration of electrical, mechanical and flame protection properties. UL validated the extraordinary CT1 behavior, which did not show performance reduction, with 50% recovery in all colors.
This new approval makes the already brilliant CT1 proposal even more attractive for a variety of electrical and electronic applications both in industry – where the CT1 offers an extraordinary GWFI of 960°C – and the appliance sector, where self-extinguishing properties at low thicknesses require particularly high GWIT and GWEP.

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