Structural compounds for S1 safety stirrups – Safe Riding

June 14, 2017

Structural compounds for S1 safety stirrups – Safe Riding

For a company specializing in the production of compounds for special applications such as LATI, the most sought-after success is to provide answers to those who work in the field of safety and design. This is even more valid if the project adopting LATI’s proposals is meant to protect people’s safety and health.
This is the case of Safety First stirrups of the Safe Riding brand, a special device designed, patented and marketed by the company to ensure maximum safety and comfort for all riding enthusiasts.

The engineering choice behind Safe Riding is based on the great field experience gained by TM Horses, an estate operating in the world of breeding and selection of horses for sporting purposes. By observing the many accidents that affect professionals and simple enthusiasts every year, Safe Riding has decided to design a stirrup allowing not only maximum comfort, but also the unseated rider’s foot to be released, thus preventing it from remaining anchored to the horse during the fall, with consequent great danger.

In fact, the S1 stirrup is designed to completely move 360 degrees outwards, and in all directions, allowing the rider’s foot to be released, thus avoiding to get it caught in the stirrup. The technical trials carried out in the company’s laboratories show that by applying a minimum force of traction on the center of the tip, the stirrups open completely, always releasing the rider.

Being entirely conceived and manufactured in Italy, this project necessarily required technological choices on an equal footing with the challenge. Along with the essential aluminum parts for the most stressed elements during the horseback ride, for the manufacture of all housing and lining parts, LATI’s structural compound LATIGLOSS 66 H2 G/50 was successfully adopted.
Provided with high mechanical strength thanks to the presence of 50% glass fiber by weight, LATIGLOSS was also chosen for its excellent aesthetic performance without defects, which is an essential requirement in an accessory such as the S1 stirrup, where functionality and safety are to be combined with design, elegance and style typical of made in Italy.

The care devoted to both the design and stirrup line necessarily required an impeccable quality of the exposed surfaces, even in the case of reinforced technopolymers. The choice of LATIGLOSS was combined with a material resistant, over time, to aggressive and complex environments such as stables and breeding.

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