Technopolymers and drinking water: Latigloss proposal

Sept. 16, 2016

Technopolymers and drinking water: Latigloss proposal

Replacement of metal with polymers is now an established process in the sector of drinking water transport.
LATI’s proposal for these markets is represented by LATIGLOSS, a wide family that includes structural grades based on PA66 and PPA with 40 to 60% glass fiber reinforcement, all certified for contact with hot and cold drinking water according to the strictest international NSF, KTW, ACS, and WRAS standards.

IDRAL, an Italian leading manufacturer of sanitary appliances for public environments and communities (schools and kindergartens, gyms, hospitals, etc.), has chosen LATIGLOSS 66 H2 G/50 for the manufacture of the self-closing tap for a new shower panel.
Material performance for this project should be the same as conventional metal solutions, that is, primarily excellent mechanical strength in order to ensure not only safe assembly, but also stability over time and in the presence of hot and cold mains water.

Excellent dimensional stability of products is also extremely important to prevent leakage and ensure the best seal between the linked parts.
Resistance to even hot mains water should also be considered, which is not a trivial aspect for polyamides due to the possible presence of disinfectants containing active chlorine.
Good aesthetic appearance is also a requested feature, which with highly reinforced plastic compounds is often difficult to obtain due to the presence of the fibers, unless the formulation has been optimized to this purpose, as in the case of LATIGLOSS.

The solution offered by IDRAL to the market is IDRALSave – SLIM, a shower panel with a slim, lightweight and modern design, suitable for any bathroom style thanks to the solidity of all its functional, innovative, and reliable parts.
LATIGLOSS compounds were also engineered to provide maximum versatility in converting processes. Molding requires no special equipment or technical measures, and the management of shrinkage and deformation is relatively straightforward.
LATI’s website provides a comprehensive overview of the possibilities offered by LATIGLOSS compounds, and engineers are at disposal for the development of any new project.

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