Radiopaque compound: LATIGRAY is a range of thermoplastic products for injection moldingRADIOPAQUE

LATIGRAY is a range of thermoplastic products for injection molding in which the X-rays shielding efficiency and the relative contrast can be adjusted by appropriately choosing the type and concentration of fillers dispersed in the polymer matrix.

Generally, the higher the density of the medium crossed, the higher the X-radiation shielding capacity.
For this reason, lead and its oxides are widely used in the shielding of radiographic equipment in the medical and industrial sector as well as in the field of safety.

For items that should instead be only opaque to radiation, expensive ceramic or titanium products are used.

However, as is known, problems connected with lead and its derivatives are considerable and linked to intrinsic toxicity of heavy metals, end-of-life disposal, and high cost of these products, which are often hand-made and in small quantities through dedicated processing.
LATIGRAY compounds allow to obtain shielding by means of safe and non-toxic fillers:

  • High density ceramics for traceable or radiopaque elements;
  • Metal powders, e.g. steel or tungsten, for X and Gamma-ray barriers comparable to identical lead thicknesses.

The use of a correct LATIGRAY grade allows to mold the entire radio-shielding geometry, thus offering the advantages connected, e.g., with the integration of functions, as well as cost saving and safety deriving from no longer having to manage the handling of lead sheets.



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