Dir. 2002/96/CE – WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Strictly linked to the RoHS Directive, the WEEE has for objective the re-use and the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. 
Like RoHS, this Directive is applied to large and small electrical household equipment, computer and telecommunications equipment, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic instruments (with the exception of large fixed industrial equipment), toys and equipment for sports and leisure, monitoring and control instrumentation and vending machines.

Producers will be called upon to design and produce instrumentation that take into consideration and facilitates the dismissal and salvage, in particular the re-use and recycling of the above-mentioned equipment.

The Directive, which is rather complex, with diverse outlays to be paid by the producers and distributors of electric and electronic equipment, as well as persons involved in the recycling process, viceversa does not contemplate an undertaking by raw material producers.

LATI S.p.A., while advising customers to refer to the respective associations of the category, is at its customers’ disposal, through the customer assistance service, for any relevant information.

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