Askoll, Innovators by Nature

May 15, 2024

Askoll, Innovators by Nature

In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, companies are adopting strategies to reduce resource consumption and minimize the environmental impact of their products. In this context, Askoll stands out for its clear mission: to design highly energy-efficient and sustainable products while minimizing raw materials.
Founded in 1978, Askoll is the leading designer and developer of electric motors. Its Appliance division, headquartered at Askoll 3 in Vicenza, Italy, is the beating heart of innovation for the world of home appliances. With production sites located in different geographical areas, including Europe, America, and Asia, Askoll is a global player with deep roots in local communities.

Askoll and LATI: together for a more sustainable future

Askoll has formed a significant partnership with LATI for a project within its production facility in Mexico. LATI proved to be an ideal partner, offering a range of UL-certified products, a key requirement for the North American market, and providing on-site technical support to optimize manufacturing processes. This collaboration also extends to the training of technical personnel, with LATI offering specific expertise in the field of plastic materials, enriching Askoll's corporate know-how.
The partnership between Askoll and LATI has been consolidated over the years around common goals regarding the use of advanced plastic materials, with a focus on the household appliance sector. These include superstructural reinforced metal replacement products, certified self-extinguishing materials, and self-lubricating products.


The future of plastic materials

The challenge facing both companies is to implement materials with reduced environmental impact and derived from recyclable sources. In this context, Askoll is actively involving its suppliers, together with LATI, which is confirmed as a key partner in this important project. LATI has developed a range of products made from recycled polymers that, in addition to ensuring high performance, are certified to meet the needs of the most sustainability-conscious customers.

The collaboration between Askoll and LATI represents a tangible example of commitment to finding technically sustainable and innovative solutions in the plastics industry. Both companies are determined to drive change toward safer, carbon footprint-reducing, and more sustainable manufacturing, demonstrating that it is possible to combine technological innovation with environmental friendliness.




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