Schneider Electric and LATI: supporting sustainability with Multifix BIO

April 19, 2022

Schneider Electric and LATI: supporting sustainability with Multifix BIO

Schneider Electric and LATI’s shared commitment to sustainability, environmental protection and innovation is behind the Multifix Bio line of flush junction boxes.
The project is driven by a desire to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources and maximise the intrinsic value of products designed for markets and customers attentive to the impact of their choices on the environment and on society.

Sustainable and renewable HDPE-based compound

The products in the Multifix Bio line are produced using LATIGEA 45/7-GW, a LATI compound specifically designed for this application and formulated from an HDPE of completely sustainable and renewable origin. The polymer used is a high-density polyethylene obtained from sugar cane and awarded the Braskem Europe “I’m Green” certificate.

The material is obviously free of toxic substances recognised as such by RoHS and SVHC and is purposely formulated without pigments of any kind so as to further reduce the risks associated with the presence of any potentially dangerous substance.

However, environmental objectives are not pursued at the expense of absolute product safety.
In fact, the compound developed by LATI has indispensable flame resistance properties, specifically a GWFI of 850 °C. It is also essential not to overlook the necessary mechanical strength, essential for a product with fixing screws and retention fins, and thanks to the LATI formulation, the Renobox boxes, which are part of the Multifix Bio line, can be used in absolute safety at temperatures as low as -25°C.

The design of the Renoboxes and the use of HDPE in their construction also ensure total impermeability to liquids and prevent the entry of foreign bodies, thus ensuring absolute safety of the area where there are live contacts: Multifix Renoboxes have an IP30 protection rating.

The life expectancy of the box, at least 20 years, further confirms the validity of Schneider's choice to use polymers of sustainable origin.

Naturally, the Multifix Bio line is well supported by accompanying certificates and documents, which include a complete Product Environment Profile Ecopassport containing full details on the origin of the raw materials, their impact on the environment and the sustainability of the project. It is also worth noting that the product has an end-of-life recyclability rate of 88%.

Schneider Electric has awarded Multifix Bio its Green PremiumTM award, reserved for products that comply with the most recent and stringent regulatory requirements relating to environmental impact, information transparency and the circularity of sustainable solutions.

LATIGEA 45/7-GW belongs to LATI’s line of products with reduced environmental impact, as do the well-established members of other families of products: the LATIGEA polymers produced from sustainable and renewable sources, and the LATIECO family of products instead formulated using resins originating from chemical or mechanical recycling.

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