LATI is gold medal EcoVadis

Oct. 4, 2021

LATI is gold medal EcoVadis

In 2021 EcoVadis awards LATI S.p.A. the gold medal, thanks to the improvement of the score assigned compared to the previous year.

LATI S.p.A. promotes and supports Sustainable Development and the values related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In a socio-economic context in which globalization is becoming more and more pervasive, companies, especially manufacturing ones, such as LATI S.p.A., must inevitably take into account the environmental, social and economic risks of the future. Environment, labor, human rights and ethics are the areas on which companies must base their strategy to pursue the common goal of sustainable development. The pandemic, which began last spring 2020, has confirmed and increasingly promoted this trend.

LATI S.p.A. measures its CSR and Sustainability efficiency through the EcoVadis platform. Since 2014, encouraged by some strategic customers, LATI S.p.A. has joined the global reporting project among EcoVadis companies as a supplier, filling in and answering the questionnaire based on 21 indicators divided between Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement. EcoVadis, based on the answers, assigns a rating 0-100 and shares with the supplier company a dedicated scorecard with specific comments to allow to identify and index potential areas of improvement. From year to year LATI S.p.A. has increased its score and improved its processes.

In 2021 LATI achieved a score of 68/100 and for the assigned production category (Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in the primary forms industry) ranks in the 95th percentile, thus:

  • among the 5% best companies on general score
  • among the 14% best companies in the Environmental field
  • among the 8% best companies in the field of Labor and Human Rights
  • among the 24% best companies for sustainable procurement
  • among the 5% best companies for Ethics

Find out more about our sustainability initiatives in the dedicated page!

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