Thermally conductive plastics in Lagolight lamps

April 10, 2024

Thermally conductive plastics in Lagolight lamps

Explore the lighting revolution with Lagolight: discover how traditional materials have been replaced with LATICONTHER advanced thermally conductive plastics for the Fulgo portable lamp.

Applications of thermally conductive plastics are becoming increasingly common not only because of their good performance in heat management, but also because they are lighter than traditional materials such as aluminium.

Powerful, lightweight lighting for every job: The Fulgo headlamp from Lagolight

The Fulgo headlamp developed by the French company Lagolight is designed to provide an efficient and very lightweight light source. It is designed to be worn comfortably during an entire work shift by users who need bright, direct light in specific work environments.
Lagolight has been in the portable lamp business for over thirty years, designing and manufacturing devices that provide precise and powerful light beams. These lamps are designed by combining state-of-the-art technology with ease of use and comfort. Typical customers are professionals working in critical sectors such as construction, maintenance, emergency, ATEX environments, railways activities and road construction.
The design of the new model set ambitious requirements: an extremely powerful light source, with more than 1000 lumens and at the same time light, flexible and versatile, with a burn time of more than ten hours. The light beam is generated by two 2W LEDs, mounted on a PCB and thus on a holder that also serves as a heat sink.


Dealing with heat successfully. The choice of the LATICONTHER range

To ensure reliable operation even in ambient temperatures close to 40°C, Lagolight worked in cooperation with LATI. Together they chose the most suitable plastic material and verified the thermal performance through FEM simulations.
The calculations performed by LATI made it possible to compare a hypothetical aluminium radiator with an identical device moulded using LATICONTHER loaded with ceramic or graphite. In light of the results, Lagolight opted for LATICONTHER 62 GR/50, known for its excellent performance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.
This plastic material offers a thermal conductivity of over 10 W/mK thanks to the use of a special technical graphite. This also preserves the mechanical resistance of the object, which is necessary to cope with stresses during use.
Finally, the base polymer selected makes it possible to combine ease of moulding, dimensional stability and excellent aesthetics, imperative on a product that is both technical and visible.


A reduced environmental footprint: Lagolight's commitment to sustainability

Lagolight's commitment to offering the market more sustainable articles with a reduced environmental footprint should also be emphasised. This improvement is aided by the density of the thermoplastic compound, which is about half that of aluminium, and the lower energy costs associated with its production, processing and transport.
Plastic makes a difference.
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