Engineering thermoplastics polymers (ETP)


Natural resins as well as glass fiber reinforced compounds or compounds reinforced with mineral powders such as talc, kaolin and mica, are grouped under the generic definition of Engineering thermoplastics (ETP).

LATI’s ETPs represent conventional, reliable and competitive solutions for the most various industrial sectors.

Manufactured from thermoplastic polymers such as PP, PA and PBT, LATI’s reinforced products are the best proposal for applications where aesthetic quality and mechanical strength of the product are to be combined with adaptability to the production process, economic management and excellent price/performance ratio.

Products reinforced with mineral powders are instead the best solution to problems of geometric stability and respect of dimensional tolerances.

LATI’s experience allows to offer even special ETP versions:

  • colored, if necessary to specification;
  • with optimized fluidity to adequately meet any molding requirements;
  • stabilized: to heat, UV, chemical etching;
  • improved dimensional stability;

Materials suitable for contact with drinking water and food certified according to industry regulations – NSF, ACS, WRAS, KTW – are also available, which can be safely used, for example, in vending, food processing, and water distribution systems.



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